-Week 41 PHOTOS- finishing touches on the deck, applying black boat life to the seams, milling Wana

Oliver installs the last teak planks.

Brendan working on the forepeak hatch.

Another angle.

After sanding the seams we applied black caulking.

It took a solid day to fill all the seams and about 80 tubes of caulking.

What it looks like before it is pressed into the seams with a putty knife.

Working up towards the bow while brendan works on the forepeak hatch.

Heres Oliver squirting in the last of the goop.

...and spreading it out.

Alfie stops by on Friday with the rudder posts and talks with Brendan about the forepeak hatch.

The Last Shot of The Week. Oliver and I begin milling out some Wana for the base of the bulwarks.

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