-Week 42 PHOTOS- Sanding the deck, installing the bulwarks.

We begin the week by sanding the caulking in between the teak deck.

It really makes a difference...

And cleaned up easily.

Here the whole boat is sanded from 36 down to 80 grit.

A detail of the bow section.

Another perspective.

Laminated cedar for the aft bulwarks.

Brendan explains how to shape the changing bevels in the Wana bulwark base.

This shows the blocking used to clamp together the bulwarks.

Here, we fit the forward section of Cedar for the bulwarks.

A detail of the Cedar resting on the Wana base at the bow on the port side.

The Cedar laminate for the aft section.

Brendan trims it down on the band saw.

The Last Shot of The Week. Brendan scarphs the two aft Cedar bulwark sections together.

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