-Week 40 Write Up- Finishing the teak deck, starting the hatches

Well, we're not quite finished with the teak deck, but close enough to put it in the title. As of 5pm on Friday afternoon, Oliver just has 3 planks, each a foot in length to glue on. To stand back from the boat and admire the two weeks or so work on gluing down the teak to the deck, it feels nice to revel in the beauty it adds to the boat.

At the end of the week, after finishing the aft section that I was working on, I began to sand in between all the seams of all the teak planks with 40 grit to eliminate the last of the glue build up that we missed.

During the week, Brendan was busy in and out of the boat. Tying up some loose ends, he trimmed some bungs inside and spot varnished areas that needed it. Then, he built the hatch for the lazarette, aft, and had it gluing by Friday.

A pretty easy week to summarize. Also in news; the mast lady in Orleans has begun construction on the masts and booms. The lead keel ballast arrived and is ready to install. Alfie is brining the rudder post over on sunday. And we have a mountain of boxes of various wiring, port lights, plumbing, and other toys to start installing. As well as building the bulwarks. Stay tuned...potential launch date, first week in August. Pictures will be up by Sunday.

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