-Week 41 Write Up- Teak, Caulking, Wana and the forepeak hatch

The last of the teak planks where glued in on Monday, and Oliver finally got to join me in the laborious and uncomfortable task of sanding the glue in between all the teak seams so that the black caulking would get a good bond.

After the seams were sanded, we applied almost 80 tubes of caulking to them, making sure to wipe with acetone to remove the teak oils first. The caulking job was easy, I used a pneumatic caulking gun while Oliver struggled with a battery powered one, then switching to a manual one. It took a solid day to get all the seams filled. A putty knife was used to press the caulking down into the seams to try and reduce air pockets, although we do expect some.

Brendan worked on building the forepeak hatch, which is almost finished and looking very nice. At the end of the week, Oliver and I had a chance to begin milling out the Wana for the base of the bulwarks. Working on these bulwarks is the next large task for us.

After that, we have the centerboard to build, as well as the rudder, the installation of the rudder post, the companionway hatch, and many pieces of hardware that needs to get installed. We are narrowing in on completion, but still have a lot of work to complete.

I will be sure to let everyone here know of a launch date as soon as I am made aware of one.

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