Week 12 Photos- lots of fairing, and the last layer of laminates

On Monday, Drew and I work on fitting the last of the 7th layer.  You can see here where the 7th layer covers the other 6 beneath it.

A detail of the 7th layer covering the staircase of 6 layers underneath.  With that 7th layer, you would never know there are 6 more underneath it.

The 7th layer is on, and faired.  A thickened fairing compound was again added to any low areas.

Drew and I spent 8.5 hours hand fairing the hull after the 7th layer of laminates were set.  

Epoxy covered pants, boots, staging, and floor, next to a freshly sanded hull.

Brendan's work of horizontally laminating the stern.

Drew and I spent a good portion of Wednesday ripping 1/16th off each edge of every laminate to be used in the final layer.

The Magic 30 gets an early christmas present - Alfie's new Yanmar sail drive engine.

The first laminates of the 8th and final layer.

Brendan spent most of Thursday afternoon and Friday laminating and shaping the stern.  

The beginning of the end of cold molding.  Here is our start of the 8th and final layer of laminates.

On Friday, Drew and I work on spiling each board of the last laminate layer perfectly together.

Here, you can see where Brendan attached a chine cap where the laminates will butt against.  Notice the beautifully spaced bungs.

The Last Shot of The Week.  The hull is completely faired.  We've installed nearly 20 laminates on either side of the bow and the stern is laminated and bunged.

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Amelias said...

that stern is incredible. this boat is unstoppable.