-WEEK 14 PHOTOS- another whisky plank and lots of sanding

Near the end of the day monday.  Brendan and Dave work hard to catch up to the young bloods and install the final laminate board.

A little incentive.  We stayed a little late monday night to fit the last laminate plank in.  Its been 4 weeks of cold moulding.

A clean and dust free bottle of whisky joins the shelf amongst older bottles from other boats.  The new addition was actually made in Islay, Scotland, a place visited by myself and Alfie on Impala in 06'.

Dave  jig sawing the rough edges off the shear.

Dave beautifully fills in the voids at the skeg with thickened epoxy where the laminates would not take the bend.

All screw holes were filled with a thickened epoxy fairing compound.

Drew looks on as Brendan sands the keelson.

If you enlarge and look closely, you can see where a laminate on the build up was faired down to appear smooth.

Brendan power planes the stem.

After Brendan shaped the stem, there is a clear view cut away view of the laminate build up.  This is the thickest section with 8 layers.

End of the day Friday with two coats of clear epoxy rolled on.

The Last Shot of The Week.  The boat has been faired with a belt sander, file board, random orbit, and by hand.  Now she has two coats of clear epoxy to set over the weekend.

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