Week 13 Write Up - gluing and stapling the final laminate layer

Dry fitting the final laminate layer has gone really well.  Each piece was carefully spiled to the next to ensure a really tight and beautiful fit.  As we worked towards the stern, the more difficult section, we cut the laminates down on the table saw in order for them to align to the laminates from the other side.  So, when you look at the counter at the stern, each laminate is the same width as the one it butts to.  This is a very beautiful detail at this point in the construction, but eventually will be covered up with fairing compounds and paint.  However, if it is ever to show through or the hull sanded down to be painted again, it will be noticed.

Drew and I worked on the port side of the boat as Brendan and Dave worked the starboard side.  Once all laminates were dry fitted, we worked quickly to glue and staple the stern section in case there would be any shifting of the planks over the span of waiting a few days.  This required some blocking and screws to hold the laminates down where there is fiberglass cloth underneath where the staples wont hold.

Although we are about a month ahead of schedule, it appears that we will not have the boat flipped before the holidays.  So we shall look forward to that when we return in January.  Before that, we have PLENTY of sanded and fairing to do.  Thanks for checking in.

Also, if anyone checking in ever has any questions, feel free to post in the comments or email me and I would be happy to answer them.  captainconnor@gmail.com.

Please check out this month's issue of Classic Boat magazine, there is a very nice article on the Infanta, a very well known boat at Pease Boat Works.

Week 13 time lapse clip


Lazaro said...

Finishing would be the most important step when making something. It must be ensured that everything done before was finished well. It means that everything that is done before would ensure the end result of your project finishing.

Boris said...

I also found myself is very much into this work of art. You are right that gluing and stapling need several considerations. We have to deal with the proper application of the glue so that it won't destroy the surface.