-WEEK 15 PHOTOS- fairing and stem and skeg shoes

On Monday, we began by sanding off all the clear epoxy with 80 grit random orbiting sanders.

A close up of the bow.

Drew vacuums dust off the hull from sanding.

Drew cleans up the laminates for the skeg shoe

Here is one of the two full length Angelique laminates for the stem.

The MC-30 is decorated with lights Monday night during the boat yard christmas party.

A detail of the fairing compound that was scraped onto the boat with a large notched spreader.

Three layers of Angelique laminates are screwed and clamped on.  This is glued with G FLEX

Brendan and Dave laying out the full length stem shoe laminates.

Dave screwing in the stem shoe fastenings.  These will be bunged and look beautiful.

The Last Shot of The Week.  Dave and Drew clean up G FLEX from the stem shoe laminates.

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