Week 13 PHOTOS - gluing the last laminate layer

The horizontally laminated stern as we dry fit the final laminate layer.

On Tuesday, we had glued, stapled, and blocked where needed the entire stern section.

Here is a detail of the chine cap where the planks met in the stern.

Drew spreads glue onto the hull as each laminate is stapled on one at a time.

Standing on the boat looking down, you can see where Brendan and Dave worked from the bow as Drew and I worked from the stern.

Below the keelson where we allowed the laminates to extend past the keelson.  These will be sanded soon.

A detail of the squeeze out from all the laminate layers below the keelson.  When sanded, this will be very beautiful.

A detail of how tight each laminate fits to one another.  Also notice the organized random patterning of staples.

Drew, Brendan, and Dave admire our progress  at the end of the day on Friday.

The Last Shot of The Week.  The MC-30 is about 2/3 of the way through completing her final laminate layer.

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