-WEEK 14 WRITE UP- another bottle of whisky for the MC-30

No, this week was not all about whisky.  In fact, we finished the cold moulding process of stapling and gluing on the laminates at the end of the day monday and were able to celebrate the beginning of the week with a very nice bottle of Bowmore singal malt scotch whisky from the famous island of Islay, once visited by Alfie and myself on IMPALA in 06'.

The rest of the week was spent getting intimate with the hull fairing and sanding.  We starting with the belt sanders to knock off most of the staples and high spots.  Next we file boarded with 36 grit to really smooth her out.  Then we used random orbiting sanders with 80 grit, and finally 80 grit sanding paper by hand.  Meanwhile, Brendan had been shaping the keelson, stem, and skeg with his power planer, block plane, and pneumatic air powered sander.

Even though we have done a lot of sanding and fairing, there are still slight bumps and variations that will take some more finessing to get rid of.  

Later in the week, Drew and I selected a piece of Angelique to mill out for the stem and skeg shoes, and the boat was coated with two layers of clear epoxy.  This will soak into the wood, get sanded down and more layers of fairing compound ontop of that.

Its too bad most of our beautiful work on the last layer of laminating will be hidden under thick bottom paint.

Here is week 14's time lapse clip

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